Friday, July 26, 2013

I know its been awhile since I've posted anything on Brick Canyon, but I feel strongly about the matter, which I have described in detail in below. While it may not be germaine to the city of Philadelphia, the preservation of 68-74 Trinity Place is an important issue relative to historic preservtion, architecture and urbanism.

"The Vestry of Trinity Church voted to replace it's existing 90-year old parish office building, a stunning example of Gothic Revival/Art Deco architecture at 68-74 Trinity Place, with a new structure to be designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli. Built in 1923, 68-74 Trinity Place is an architectural jewel that is part of a necklace of historic Neoclassical and Art Deco buildings, which encompasses the centuries old churchyard of Trinity Church. From the perspective of Wall St., it's distinctive crown-like cupola has served as a soaring adornment, which has gracefully hovered above the gothic spire of Trinity Church for nearly a century. At it's base, a delicate cast iron, pedestrian bridge traverses the street of Trinity Place to connect with the ancient Trinity churchyard. A rare survivor, this unique bridge is perhaps the last of it's kind that still exists in Manhattan.
We respectfully urge the Vestry of Trinity Church to reconsider their decision to demolish this magnificent and rare building, in order that future generations may be able to appreciate it's historical and aesthetic value, which has endured for nearly a century."

Help support the preservation of 68-74 Trinity Place by signing the petition I created at The link is below...

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